On Opera Center Stage, we lift the curtain on opera, revealing the connections between audience and aria. Join the conversation on our blog, or tune in to our podcast as we explore opera in our modern world. Whether you’re new to opera or already a fan, we hope to expand your understanding of this timeless art form.

Meet the Opera Center Stage crew

Behind the scenes of the blog and hosts of the Opera Center Stage podcast is Rick Zullo and Adina Antonucci. Both work on Palm Beach Opera’s marketing team, but neither come from the world of opera.

Rick has extensive experience in digital marketing and has been a featured speaker, award-winning blogger, and celebrated travel writer. Rick also received his B.S. in Biology and Chemistry from Stetson University and his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Loyola University of Chicago.

Adina has experience in digital marketing and sales, as well as a background in the performing arts, competing regionally as a ballroom dancer and thespian, and appearing in several Florida State University films. Adina earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Florida State University and completed a culinary arts program at Università degli studi di Firenze in Florence, Italy.

Palm Beach Opera is dedicated to producing live opera at an international standard of excellence, to enriching the life of the communities it serves with a diverse offering of educational and community engagement programs, and to training the next generation of opera artists.

Opera Center Stage aims to connect audiences to the world of opera with thought-provoking interviews, honest conversations, and accessible content.  Opera Center Stage strives to build bridges to opera, examine opera in contemporary society, offer behind-the-scenes insights, and expand our understanding of this timeless art form.

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